You hella awkward gurl.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I’m watching it, and it literally is the closest thing to what my life was like before my second year of college. 

I would work at the family’s Mexican restaurant and I was frump girl, opening the restaurant with my uncle and serving coffee to different people. 

Occasionally, because of how frumpy I was, my dad or mom would have a talk that went something like this:


This happened frequently. Then when I was going off to college, I felt like this would be my dad’s mental response to whenever I talked about college:


I then went off to college and I was no longer working at the restaurant. Within the second week of dating him, this happened:


And that weekend I had to bring him home. This literally was the reaction:


Like everyone in the family wanted to meet him since I hadn’t had an “official” boyfriend in like ever…so yeah…my family is loud like LOUD like if we went to a public place, you could find us due to our loudness. Every time we all get together, all we do is eat. That’s fine though.

I dig them and I love them so much, and I wouldn’t trade them for any other family in the world because of how close we all are. 

Though on my wedding day, I desperately hope I do not have to have this talk with my mother and everyone else:

To which my reply will be the same as Toula’s:

Anyway, I love this movie. That’s all I have to say.